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James Hutchons is a multiple disciplined British freelance illustrator and designer living and working in central London. James produces a high standard of work that is driven by decisive ideas and creative thinking.

James graduated in '08 with a BA(hons) in illustration from Lincoln University. He splits his time between working on branding and logo design for commercial clients, and editorial illustrations, including conceptual and visual development work. His favourite colour is Lapis lazuli (aka blue) and his favourite word is Hullabaloo.

Why a freelancer and not an agency?

A large number of clients prefer using a freelance illustrator and designer to using a design agency, the biggest benefit being that the work delivered will be at a fraction of the price compared to a top agency, with the same high standard of final work. This is down to the freelancer having less overhead costs. You also get to work directly with your designer, more closely than through an agency

You can follow James and his doodles on social media using the icon links below.

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